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Building Places

Michael Todd Kingdom Construction is a well-established construction company with a wide range of projects from residential places to commercial ones. We are proud to showcase our most recent projects and invite you to read more about them.

Kendrick Ave, Charlotte, NC

We completed a 7,600 sq ft property that was left unfinished by its initial owner. We took on the challenge and rebuilt the property from the ground up to create a beautiful home. 

Luxury in High Rock Lake: Lexington, NC

We recently completed a stunning lake house remodel and vacation rental. The 4,000 sq ft space has been transformed into a beautiful retreat, with the goal of creating a relaxing and enjoyable space. 

Mansion on Main, Danville, VA

We are proud to have completed projects such as the Mansion on Main, a 7 bedroom property formerly known as the Lawson-Overbey Inn. The Mansion has been around since the 1800s, and has gone through various renovations, with the most recent one being done by us in 2022. This beautiful historic place is now ready for the public to admire. 

Beauty and Wellness Center, Danville, VA

One of our most recent projects was a 15,000 square foot remodel. This spacious and beautiful complex was created with each detail in mind to ensure the best experience for our clients. We continue to check in on the complex to make sure it's up to our high standards and make any necessary improvements.

Signature Suites: Rock Hill, SC & Petersburg, VA

Among the different commercial projects that we have done, like these in Rock Hill and Petersburg, our goal is to always create places for small businesses to grow. This is something that, we, as a company, makes us proud.

Residences at Windsor: Charlotte, NC

We completed numerous projects on the premises of this long-term rental, ranging from painting to mechanical work such as maintenance of the HVAC system, as well as plumbing and electrical work, to keep the property up to date and functioning properly.

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